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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Alpha Ketoanalogue
Manufacturer:Fresenius Kabi
Packaging:100 tablets in 1 packet
Strength:L-Histidine(38.0 Mg) + L-Isoleucine(67.0 Mg) + L-Leucine(101.0 Mg) + L-Lysine(105.0 Mg) + L-Phenylalanine(68.0 Mg) + L-Threonine(53.0 Mg) + L-Valine(86.0 Mg) + Methionine(59.0 Mg) + Tryptophan(23.0 Mg) + Tyrosine(30.0 Mg)
Delivery Time:6 To 15 days
SKU:Ketosteril Tablet

Are you suffering from chronic kidney disease? Ketosteril tablets will help you manage the symptoms, and thus you can lead a better life. It helps control the urea level, so your kidney will function better. It delays the span of kidney dialysis, and therefore you can overcome the physical complications.

Ketosteril is taken orally, and knowing the correct dose is essential. Your doctor will regularly monitor your calcium levels, and thus you will feel good. And you must tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines or suffering from different ailments.

Ketosteril is a nutritional supplement that improves your overall health and treats chronic kidney disease. It comes in good packaging of 100 film-coated tablets, and it’s recommended in the predialysis period. And your doctor will give you clear information about how it delays the frequency of dialysis.

Once you start taking medicine, you will notice an improvement in your symptoms. And it would help if you had regular consultations with your doctor. Your doctor will monitor the medicine’s effects on your health and adjust the dose accordingly. Nowadays, it’s easy to get virtual consultations with your doctor. Hence, you can avoid travelling to the clinic and consult your doctor, irrespective of location.

Taking medicine with a low-protein diet produces the best results, and you will learn how it helps you overcome kidney complications.

How does medicine work?

Now, you must know how Ketosteril works. Ketosteril minimizes nitrogen-nitrogen intake and helps your body absorb essential amino acids. Once the medicine enters the human body, keto- and hydroxyl analogues are converted into amino acids. It eliminates the unwanted amino acids from your body, reducing urea formation.

Uses of Ketosteril Tablet

Before you start using the medicine, you need to know the uses of the ketosteril tablet. Ketosteril is used to treat protein metabolism in people suffering from chronic kidney disease. This tablet also helps in treating malnutrition due to poor diet. People undergoing conservative management therapy will explore the benefits of using Ketosteril tablets. Thus, you can avoid severe kidney damage, and it helps you lead a life without worries.

How to use the Ketosteril tablet?

Ketosteril tablet is available for oral use by adults. Usually, you need to take 4-8 tablets three times a day during meals. Your doctor will check the glomerular filtration rate before prescribing the medicine. It’s good to continue taking the medication until the GFR rate is 5-15mL/minute.

Take medicine with a glass of water. Avoid breaking or chewing the tablet and swallow it as a whole. Still, if you face difficulty swallowing the pill, consult your doctor. You may take this medicine with or without food.


Your doctor may come up with some specific instructions. Ensure you follow the instructions to help you avoid any health complications while taking medicine. And speak to your doctor if you have any confusion.

Ketosteril Manufacturer

Do you want to know the manufacturer of Ketosteril? Fresenius Kabi India manufactures Ketsoteril, and buying the medicine online is easy.

Side Effects

Here is a quick view of the Ketosteril side effects:

Major side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness and fainting
  • Hypotension
  • Disorientation

Minor side effects are:

  • Fever
  • Increase in calcium levels

You must consult your doctor if facing any of these side effects. It will help you get the proper treatment, and thus, you can avoid serious health issues. Thus, life becomes easy, and you will learn the benefits of using Ketosteril.

Usage of Ketosteril Tablet

Ketosteril is used to treat chronic kidney disease. Thus, you can avoid getting frequent dialysis, and it improves your kidney’s condition. Gradually, you will notice the improvement in your symptoms and learn how Ketosteril brings benefits in real-time. 

When not to use it?

Avoid taking Ketosteril if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Also, breastfeeding women should not take this medicine, as a small amount of Ketosteril may pass into breast milk. Thus, it may cause harm to your child, and you must consult your doctor before taking this medicine. 

Important Considerations for Taking Ketosteril Tablet

First, you need to have a detailed consultation with your doctor, who will give you the confidence to take this medicine. And you must reveal if you have any serious ailments, and thus your doctor will recommend the dose accordingly. Ensure the doctor has ample experience, and it becomes easy to explore better kidney health. Gradually, your kidney will improve, and this medicine plays an important role. Now, you can order the drug online and receive the stuff on time. 


Here you will get an idea of the warnings for special populations:

Pregnant women must consult doctors before taking Ketosteril. It may give rise to complications causing harm to your unborn baby. Also, lactating women should not take this medicine. And it’s necessary to use the medicine consult a specialist who will give you the essential suggestions. Thus, you can eliminate all confusion, and you will learn how it’s easy to get the medicine online and ensure you get the genuine drug. 

Ketosteril is suitable for use in older adults. However, you must consult your doctor before taking medicine. Your doctor will continuously monitor your health, and thus you a overcome the difficulties. 

The medicine is suitable for children between 3-10 years, weighing 1.4-0.8g/kg. However, it’s good to consult a pediatrician who will give you an idea of the dosage. 

Ketosteril has no side effects on the skin; you can use it without any worries. 

Ketosteril Dosage

Adults must take 4-8 tablets daily during meals to get the results. You should consult a pharmacist or doctor who will give you clear dosage information. Thus, you can eliminate all confusion, and it’s time to improve your kidney function.

Doctors consider your body weight, renal condition and the weight the body absorbs through diet. It helps your doctor to recommend the proper dosage, and you will get familiar with the best results.

Have you missed a dose? Speak to your doctor to know the solution. Usually, you need to take the next dose without delay. An overdose may give rise to serious health complications. Avoid taking a double dose, which may lead to other health issues. You must consult your doctor immediately to know how to overcome the difficulties due to an overdose. You may need to visit the hospital to manage the symptoms due to an overdose. 


Doctors recommend not consuming alcohol while taking Ketosteril. However, there is specific information about alcohol consumption while taking Ketosteril. 

Ketosteril interacts with other calcium-containing products or medicines. It increases the level of serum calcium. Avoid using Ketosteril with drugs that decrease calcium solubility. Hence you must consult your doctor to learn whether you can take the medication. Thus, you will be completely safe and feel confident about using the medicine. 

There is no information available on Ketosteril interactions with food. However, it’s good to follow a low-calcium diet while taking medicine. Your doctor will prepare a diet plan to make it easy to get the positive effects. Ensure you follow the diet plan, which helps restore the kidney’s normal function. 

People suffering from persistent hypercalcaemia, the dose of Ketosteril is reduced, and it’s essential to consult your doctor. It gives you the confidence to use the medicine, and you won’t face serious health issues. This medicine can be used with physiotherapy, which helps in pain treatment. 

Overall, you know how your doctor will recommend the dosage. Ensure you are taking the correct dosage, and you will explore better health. Finding an experienced doctor who will analyze your overall health is crucial before recommending the dosage. 

How to store Ketosteril?

Once you get the medicine, you must know how to store Ketosteril. You can keep the medicine at average room temperature. Choose a cool and dry place, and the drug will be in good condition. Ensure the site is free from moisture; thus, you can use the medicine without any confusion. 

Where To Purchase Ketosteril Tablet Online?

Now, manifold online stores are coming up with the option to place an order online. You can go through the reviews that will give you a clear idea of the reputation of the stores. Hence, you will find it easy to choose the right store to come up with genuine medicine.

Finally, you can place your order, and it’s time to start taking medication. And you need to upload the prescription to help you get the drug quickly. 

The online store will help you get the right drug, and it becomes easy to deal with kidney ailments. This life becomes easy, and you will get familiar with the positive impacts.

Why buy from us?

Here you will get familiar with the reasons to buy medicine from us. We offer genuine medicine and will help you eliminate your worries. We will deliver the medicine on time to your doorstep.

We have created the option to upload the prescription online; thus, you will find it easy to order the drug. Therefore, start taking medicine without delay and learn why it’s good to order medicine online. We also ask for the right price, with no hidden charges.

Before placing the final order, you can review the detailed product description. It helps you learn the key ingredients, and thus you can learn whether you are allergic to any components. And it’s easy to contact our representatives. We will be happy to clear your doubts, and thus you will feel confident to buy the medicine.

Taken as a whole, you will get an idea of why we are recognized as the best store offering Ketosteril. Once you come to us, we will help you find the right medicine. 

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