Paxzen Nirmatrelvir Ritonavir Tablet

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Nirmatrelvir + Ritonavir
Manufacturer:Zenara Pharma
Packaging:30 tablets in 1 box
Strength:250 Mg
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Buy Paxzen (Paxlovid) Nirmatrelvir 150 mg and Ritonavir 100 mg tablets online at a reasonable price in the US, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. It is an antiviral drug made by the Indian pharmaceutical company Zenara Pharma. It is used to treat people with serious viral infections.

What Is Paxzen?

Paxzen is used to treat mild to moderate symptoms of viral infections. First, you should see a doctor, who will examine your health and recommend medication. Thus, you will feel confident and gradually notice the positive results. It’s important to get a viral test to confirm whether you are infected.

How does Paxzen work?

Paxzen is a combination of two medicines: nirmatrelvir, a viral protease inhibitor, and ritonavir, an HIV antiretroviral. It stops the virus from making copies, and thus you can easily get relief from viral symptoms. It would help if you started taking medicine within 5 days of developing symptoms. It boosts your immunity and maximises the effectiveness of the medicine, and you will explore better health.

Use of Paxzen Tablet

Paxzen tablets are prescribed to treat viral symptoms. It prevents the spread of the virus and thus helps you get the best treatment. Your doctor will instruct you on how to use the medication that will allow you to manage the symptoms.

How to use Paxzen?

Paxzen tablets are taken orally, and you may take medicine regardless of the meal. And your doctor will recommend the dosage that helps you get the best results. Adults and children over 12 years of age can use this medicine. Also, make certain that you take the medications as directed, without missing any doses. As long as you are aware of the dosage, you will see positive results.


Once you consult a doctor, you will know the instructions you must follow. It maximises the results, and you will learn the benefits of using the medicine. The doctor may come up with several instructions, and it’s important to go through them properly. It helps you eliminate all the worries, and you can easily get relief from the pain and discomfort.


Zenara Pharma launched generic Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir) tablets in a combo pack as a way to treat viral infections with symptoms that are mild to moderate. Paxzen is the first oral pill approved by the US FDA for generic Paxlovid, and it has a better safety profile than later approved oral therapies.

Side Effects

Now, it’s important to know the major and minor side effects.

Major side effects are:

  • Severe diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hypertension

Minor side effects are:

  • Change of taste
  • Muscle pain

Overall, you get an idea of the side effects, giving you the confidence to use the medicine. And if you face any major side effects, you must consult your doctor immediately. Thus, you will learn how medicine brings about positive effects.

Usage of Paxzen Tablet

Paxzen tablets are used to treat viral infections. It’s suitable for mild to moderate symptoms, and if the condition worsens, you need to consult your doctor for better treatment. Getting the medicine is easy; thus, you can gradually notice an improvement in the symptoms.

When should you not use Paxzen?

Pregnant and lactating women must have a detailed conversation with the doctor before using Paxzen. Also, patients suffering from kidney diseases must avoid using the medicine, as it may give rise to further complications.

Important Considerations for Taking Paxzen Tablet

Senior citizens and pregnant women must follow certain guidelines while taking medicine. And make sure that you won’t consume alcohol while using the medicine. And if there are complications, you need to speak to your doctor.


Next, knowing the warnings that help you use the medicine without any worries is important.

And here, you will get a clear view of the warnings for special populations.

  • Pregnant women must consult a gynecologist who will suggest if it’s safe to use the medicine. It helps you avoid any health complications.
  • Next, breastfeeding women must also speak to an expert to know whether they can use the medicine. Thus, you won’t face any complications, which gives you the confidence to manage the viral care symptoms.
  • Next, the medicine is suitable for adults, and if you are a senior citizen, it’s good to have found an expert doctor who gives you the right suggestions.
  • Children below 12 years should not use the medicine, and it’s good to consult a pediatrician.

General Warnings

While using Paxzen, avoid alcohol consumption, as it may worsen your symptoms. Also, it’s good to avoid driving, as the viral care weakens your immune system, and you may experience fatigue and dizziness.

External Use

Paxzen tablet has no external uses and it’s used to treat viral care symptoms. It’s important to consult a doctor to ensure that you are taking the right dosage. Thus, you will get the best results and a clear idea of the uses of the Paxzen tablet. It’s time to get the Paxzen tablet, and gradually, you will notice improvements. And while you are taking the paxzen tablet, it’s good to avoid direct sun exposure. It may lead to serious complications, like fainting. viral care weakens your overall immunity, and thus the doctor recommends rest until your immune system is restored to normal condition.

Paxzen tablets are not recommended for children below the age of 12. It’s good to consult a pediatric doctor if your child is facing viral care symptoms. This medicine won’t lead to any eye complications; thus, people with eye diseases can use it confidently.


Before starting the medicine, it’s important to know the right dosage. And you need to consult your doctor if there is an overdose or you have missed a dose. You may need immediate care if you face serious complications due to an overdose. It’s time to find a good doctor to help you get the right treatment.


There is no proven evidence that alcohol has any interactions with Paxzen. However, it’s good to avoid alcohol, or you may ask your doctor.

The drug interacts with certain medicines such as Amiodarone, Primidone, Rifampin, Sildenafil, etc. There are other medicines that may interact with Paxzen; thus, you must reveal details of the medicines you use.

The drug has no interactions with any specific food. Still, you need to consult your doctor to learn what foods you should avoid.

Paxzen is safe for patients suffering from liver conditions. Your doctor will recommend the right dosage, and it will help you get well soon. However, patients with kidney conditions must take precautions before using the medicine.

Hence, you will get the best results, and it will be easier to fight the viral symptoms.

How to store Paxzen?

You may store Paxzen at room temperature. Ensure the room is not too hot, and you can use the medicine without confusion.

Where to purchase the Paxzen tablet online?

Woodstock family medicine online pharmacy come up with the option to buy Paxzen tablets online. It takes a few minutes to place your order, and you will receive the medicine on time. Thus, you can start taking medicine without delay.

Why buy from us?

We help you get genuine medicine, and now it’s time to place your order online. We give you the confidence to use the medicine, and you may take it before or after a meal. It’s important to go through the detailed product description, and you will get a clear idea of the uses of Paxzen.

Finally, you will have a clearer idea of the uses of the medicine, and it’s time to get the paxzen tablet. We are always here to reveal correct information, and thus you will feel confident about getting the medicine.


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