What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a medicine. Kamagra is said to contain the same active ingredient as Viagra – sildenafil citrate. This medicine is a substitute for some of the extensive medicines like Viagra, generic Cialis, Levitra, etc. It is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.

Is Kamagra safe?

Any medicine taken without a doctor’s prescription can be harmful since the human body varies from person to person. The effects of certain meds can be normal on someone and might be dangerous for another. The same applies in the case of Kamagra. It is safe if it is under a qualified doctor’s prescription. Kamagra is manufactured in India by Ajanta Pharma Limited. Sildenafil Citrate is its main component. This composite plays a vital role in ED, or erectile dysfunction treatment. In fact, it has even shown some good results.

Why is Kamagra a sought-after medicine for erectile dysfunction?

Kamagra medicine is considered an ideal medicine that helps to relive issues related to sexual health in men. The most common problem in sexual health for men is erectile dysfunction. Before we get into the reasons why it has so much reverence in the sexual health area for men. Let us first try to answer some important questions.

What are the important aspects to keep in mind about storage?

There are some important aspects that you should keep in mind when storing Kamagra in a proper manner.

  1. It should be stored in a cold and dry place.
  2. It is important to make sure that the temperature of the place you store the medicine is below 30°C.
  3. It should be kept out of the reach of children.
  4. Do not store the medicine near the bathroom or the sink
  5. Remove the tablets from the pack only when it is time to consume them.
  6. Check the expiry date and take the medicine before the expiry date passes away.

What are the uses of Kamagra medicine ?

These are the main uses of Kamagra medicine

Treat Erectile dysfunction

The main function of this medicine is to treat erectile dysfunction. It contains the main component, sildenafil citrate. This component of this medicine helps to increase the blood flow in the penis.

Aids penile erection and prolongs erection.

It will help you to get erection and to maintain it for a considerate amount of time.

Helps to sexually satisfy the partner.

Since the male can have a firm erection and prolong the erection was a longer period of time. There is complete enjoyment and satisfaction in the sexual activity. This in turn keeps the partner happy.

When should you take Kamagra tablets?

Kamagra tablets should be taken aproxmitely 1 hour before having planned sexual intercourse.

What things should be kept in mind when you take kamagra tablets?

These are the important things that you should keep in mind:

  • It is important to note that you should take only one tablet a day.
  • Avoid this tablet if you take nitrates
  • Similarly, you should take this medicine only after doctor consultation if you suffer from any Heart diseases, Liver disorders, And Low Blood Pressure.
  • You should avoid alcohol if you are taking kamagra.

How does Kamagra work?

Phosphodiesterase is also known as PDE5. This enzyme regulates the flow of blood in the penis. In certain conditions, these enzymes show abnormal effects, resulting in less blood flow. Sildenafil, which is the main ingredient in Kamagra, helps CGMP to collect in the penis by blocking PDE5. This helps in the steady flow of blood in the penis. This in turn helps in erection for a considerable amount of time. Apart from treating erectile dysfunction, sildenafil is also used in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Kamagra Dosages

Kamagra tablets are developed in two different forms:

Oral tablets

The oral tablets come in doses

Oral jelly

Apart from this, the Kamagra oral jelly comes in different fruit flavors like orange, strawberry, pineapple, black currant, banana, etc.

When should one take Kamagra tablets?

One has to take the kamagra tablet at least 30 minutes before the sexual activity for it to show its result.  On the other hand, one can take the Kamagra oral jelly 15 minutes prior as well to be effective.

Side Effects of Overdose of Kamagra

Overdose of any medicine shows certain side effects. In the case of Kamagra one can see the following side effects: if one takes it more than the prescribed quantity:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Severe headache
  • Painful erection that may last for more than 4 hours.
  • In certain situations the person may even faint.

In all of the above cases it goes without saying that one needs to consult your doctor immediately.

What happens in the case of a missed dose of Kamagra?

Missing this dose will not affect your body other than that you might not have an erection. If you forget your dose, you have to take Kamagra as soon as you remember. If it’s the time of your next dose, then skip the missed one and see to it that you don’t take double doses. Taking a double dose may lead to many side effects.

These side-effects are as mentioned below:

  • An uncommon side effect of Painful erection for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Drastic decrease in blood pressure
  • Heart problems and even heart attack

Interactions of Kamagra with different medicines

There might be some fatal consequences if one combines kamagra with other medicines and substances.

Alpha Blockers

These medicines are used to treat heart disease. If Kamagra comes in contact with these medicines it may give you hypertension. This is low blood pressure. This low blood pressure can even cause you to faint in certain cases.


It is the common medicine given in the case of high blood pressure. It helps to keep the blood pressure normal. If this drug is taken with Kamagra, it will lead to a lowering of blood pressure, which can cause dizziness, irregular pulse rate, and heart rate, etc.

Ritonavir and Other CYP3A4 Inhibitors:

These drugs are taken for the treatment of HIV. These medicines are a part of ART or Anti-Retroviral Therapy. If Kamagra is taken with these drugs, it may lead to side effects like headache, low blood pressure and feeling of flushing.

Alcohol Consumption

If alcohol is consumed in abundance, it will increase the blood pressure in the body. If Kamagra is consumed with alcohol, then it may lower the effect of the medicine on you. Thus, if you are taking kamagra, try to avoid consuming alcohol.


Sildenafil citrate which is the key ingredient of Kamagra can show side effects if taken with Nitrates that can cause your blood pressure to fall to a very low extent.

Hypersensitivity is a condition where a person is very sensitive that he might get hurt easily in such a condition. Kamagra may show diverse side effects.

Warnings and precautions

  • Kamagra medicines should not be taken if you are suffering from any heart or liver disease.
  • If you are allergic to sildenafil citrate, then you should avoid kamagra.
  • After taking kamagra, you should avoid driving.
  • You should avoid alcohol consumption.
  • If you experience any side effects, you should consult your doctor immediately.


A person with High Blood pressure may benefit from having kamagra. As the medicine lowers the blood pressure which in turn will help the patient to avoid heart attacks.

Prolonged Erection and Priapism 

Praiapism is a condition in which the pennies stay erect for a longer time. This can be a natural disorder or can be the side effect of taking Kamagra. In such a situation you should rush to the hospital as it may presently damage the tissues of penis.

Effects on eyes:

In certain cases there may be a risk of sudden loss of eye site.

Effect on hearing:

You may face an unexpected loss of hearing senses.

Effect of Bleeding during intercourse 

A high dose can cause bleeding while having sex.

In Combination with Other Pde5 Inhibitors

PDE5 inhibitors Sildenafil citrate, which is used in kamagra, can affect the blood supply to the brain, resulting in an adverse effect that can lead to depression.

Counseling Patients about Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD that is sexually transmitted diseases can be passed on to each other if you have unprotected sex. The best way to keep yourself and your partner safe is to use protection like male or female condoms. It is also a good idea to get a consultation from the doctor about it.

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Kamagra Reviews

So far, kamagra has shown a positive effect on people. It will help you have an erection for a longer time. It does not have any direct effect on your body parts. And more importantly, it is a much cheaper alternative if you compare them to the many drugs that are available in the market.


We hope that this article will help you understand the Kamagra medicine

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