How to Know If You Have Erectile Dysfunction

How to Know If You Have Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, which is a sexual problem, can scare most men. It may cause damage to their self-worth and confidence, and they see it as a failure of their masculinity. Usually, our culture ties male identity with everything from masculinity and confidence to sexual performance. Due to such reasons, even a small “off” night can make them fret about their low performance.

Having an off night doesn’t mean having erectile dysfunction or facing a sexual issue. Ed is so common that every male faces mild effects like impotence. But when it starts to come frequently in your sexual life, then you should not ignore it. We must notice it and take action if it happens more than once or twice. 

There is a difference between an “off” night and having a diagnosable condition Ed. However, Ed can appear due to any underlying condition, or even in some cases; mental health may affect your sexual performance. 

But if it isn’t the first time you face a problem with your erection, then you can see a pattern of events with a soft erection or almost total failure. If you suspect such a problem, then it’s time to take it seriously and see a doctor soon. But it would be better to first know the four signs of Ed that will ensure you are under its effects. In this article, you will read how to identify the signs of Erectile dysfunction and know when to discuss it with a doctor. 

Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction? Know it by checking the 4 Signs of ED

The general definition for Ed is” A condition in which you are unable to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intimacy.” And it can result from physical or psychological problems and from a poor diet and obesity to stress and anxiety. Ed can also appear due to the use of illicit or prescribed drugs, and it can be their side effects. Emotions, use of antidepressants, lifestyle choices, hormone imbalance, and many more things may get you across the problem of Ed. 

Because of its many common causes, AD is a fairly common disease affecting an estimated 52% of the American male population. These people face Ed at 40 to 70, and 30 to 50 million across the country face Ed.

Symptoms of Erectile dysfunction or erection firmness can vary from person to person. So being under the four criteria given below as a sign, you can consult with an expert about Ed-

  • You can’t get fully hard
  • You lose your erections
  • You’re less interested in sex than before
  • Erections that you gain are painful

Let’s read out about each of these in more detail given below-

You Can’t Get Fully Hard

A major problem that men report is that they either can’t get a full erection, or if they do, their erection is not hard enough to penetrate for sex. 

If we see the mechanism behind an erection, There are two long chambers known as Corpora cavernosa. These chambers contain a loss of cardiovascular mechanics, including blood vessels, tissues, and one major artery each. 

When sexually aroused, your brain dilates the blood vessels and allows blood to flow. The blood gets trapped in the corpora cavernosa and helps your penis keep erect. 

But we think that it’s either like on or off during the erectile function, but what if the blood flow is insufficient or it isn’t sealed in? Then You might face a weak erection, making erectile dysfunction a half-problem.

Talk to a doctor about your medical history; they might want to know almost everything about your health. Tell them about your drugs, alcohol use and also about risk factors for Ed that you have. 

You Lose Your Erections

Another thing you might notice while facing Ed is if you keep losing your erection during sex. 

If you do not sustain until an orgasm, it is a sign that your erectile health isn’t great. It means you’re potentially struggling with Ed every time you involve sex. 

If you have ever heard about ED, then there’s a chance you have this cause of Ed in your head. Physiological or psychological symptoms manifest similarly or differently; the one sign you see is an inability to orgasm before losing an erection. 

Being under stress or easily distracted and having a wandering mind may lead to losing hardness, which can happen sometimes. But facing the same pattern of losing hardness every time you have sex can point toward performance anxiety, stress or fear of sexual failure. All these symptoms can lead to Ed at some point, and better you discuss with a healthcare professional and discuss every point that may affect your sexual health. 

You’re Less Interested in Sexual Activity

Low sex desire or having less sex interest can also cause Ed. Also, you are not concerned about your Ed symptoms because you are not as interested in sexual activity. 

Many issues like, a fear of failure, low self-esteem, etc., cause you to avoid sexual activities. Also, hormonal changes may contribute to a loss of interest in sex. 

Most men facing erectile dysfunction(impotence) lose interest and motivation to pursue sexual activity. And low sex further harms their confidence and their relationships with their partner. 

A loose sex desire-like condition is usually linked with low testosterone, which causes such sexual dysfunction. In this case, treatment for low testosterone levels is necessary to boost your sex desire. 

Erections that you gain are Painful

Most of us assume or experience pleasure when it comes to sex. But from complications with a penile implant to Peyronie’s disease, any reason can make it painful. And this pain can be a cause of erectile dysfunction in some people. 

A painful erection, something like priapism, can reduce your sexual desire, affect your sexual functioning and make you avoid sex. Facing a painful erection and problems with ejaculation can sometimes link to major urological issues. So it would be best to discuss with a healthcare professional as soon as the symptoms flare up. Such symptoms could be signs of anything from vascular issues to prostate cancer. 

What next if you think you have Ed

If your sex life is affected by soft or no erection, then you can blame Ed for it. Facing issues with erection and getting above list signs has already made you sure about Ed. Now your next step is to speak to a healthcare professional about the symptoms you are facing. After reviewing your symptoms, they may find what is causing this issue in you and suggest treatment. 

To treat symptoms of Ed, you may need to go through the following procedures and ways-

You may explore various common Ed treatments that may help you prevent the effects of Ed for some time. The common Ed treatment includes oral Ed medications and PDE5 inhibitors drugs. Some popular Ed drugs are Viagra (Fildena 100), Cenforce 100, Vidalista 20, and Kamagra Oral Jelly; these drugs promote better erectile function in males. 

Find out whether Ed is a side effect of any underlying bigger health issue such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. 

Investigate if psychological factors are responsible for causing Ed’s problems in you. Mental health problems may also interrupt your mechanisms of triggering an erection. Psychological factors such as performance anxiety, sexual trauma or other mental health issues can be reasons for ED. You may benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy and psychosexual therapy in such cases.

Make significant lifestyle changes such as meditation, Relaxation techniques to reduce stress and depression. Eat a healthier diet, exercise more, and get sufficient sleep into your daily routine. These lifestyle changes may help you improve your mental and physical health and treat Ed.

And all these actions are the second phase of your journey if you face Ed. For now, the most vital thing for you is to ask for help without hesitation.